In 1894, our founding members took steps to establish a free public library in Everett, Washington, after realizing books weren’t readily available to the people in the hospital that had just been started. The women began by sharing their own books—and they began meeting together to chat about the ideas in those books. The heritage they left us, of involvement with our community, with the library, and through other literacy initiatives, motivates us today. 


      "At a time when most of us are working or 
     traveling, our attendance is strong."

Most of our 300-plus members are active in small groups that meet monthly. We come together to explore new ideas: to keep up with the latest thinking on a range of topics and to mine the truths that rich fiction reveals. 


    "One of the things I most appreciate is reading a 
    book I never would have picked on my own."


Do you live in Snohomish County? We invite you to join us!

Not nearby? We hope our history inspires you to join with women in your neighborhood to share good books and good fellowship.


Woman's Book Club

Today we have over 300 members meeting throughout Snohomish County, Washington. But our club began with 23 women living in the new town of Everett over 125 years ago.

We continue to do what those women did: share ideas, learn from each other, find inspiration, work to better our community, and read good books.

"The fellowship created in Book Club among well-read, civil, sharing women is unique." M.C.