Woman's Book Club

Welcome to the Woman's Book Club!

We are a diverse group of women: all ages, interests, and life experiences. Our club includes 50-year-plus members and members who've joined this year.

We have been in existence since 23 women in Everett, Washington, first got together in 1894. Now we number 300-plus in two levels of membership: Active members who are part of small group discussions called "departments." Associate members who share in monthly general programs on a variety of topics.

Why join?

  • To be part of a living legacy whose foremothers' social concerns and book-reading needs were the impetus behind the development of the Everett Public Library.
  • To be part of a network of women exploring ideas from timely nonfiction, best-selling fiction, the classics, an undiscovered gem on a bookstore or library shelf.
  • To be part of the lives of other thoughtful women in the Everett and Snohomish County communities.

Department Discussions

Active members' departments schedule monthly meetings, usually at a member's home, always to discuss new and diverse ideas sparked by members' book choices. Often, lifelong friendships form.

Monthly Gatherings

Programs offered during each club month feature lively speakers drawn from local authors, artists, actors, service organization volunteers. After a summer hiatus, we look forward to our September meeting, where local booksellers are invited to share their favorites from newly published books. Guests may attend the general programs. See all events.

Foremothers Luncheon and Spring Tea

The November Foremothers Luncheon and the May Spring Tea are annual club traditions for members only. In November we honor our 25-year and 50-year members. A longtime tradition of wearing turn-of-the-century caps and kerchiefs was relaxed back in 1949!


We've continued our close association with the Everett Public Library, supporting Library projects, purchasing Caldecott and Newbery books and book club sets, donating a book in memory of each departed member. As did our foremothers, we help throughout the community "in such practical ways as may from time to time be presented to the notice of the club." In recent years this has included participation in Page Ahead book drives, donation of the initial funding-and the book covering-of the Imagine Children Museum's book collection, and book donations following the Oso disaster for the ExCEL program that provides speech therapy support to North Snohomish County families.

Woman's Book Club

Today we have over 300 members meeting throughout Snohomish County, Washington. But our club began with 23 women living in the new town of Everett over 125 years ago.

We continue to do what those women did: share ideas, learn from each other, find inspiration, work to better our community, and read good books.

"The fellowship created in Book Club among well-read, civil, sharing women is unique." M.C.